Tom Umstattd

We feel that at Tom Umstattd, CPA, we should only charge by the hour for our services.

Our billing rates currently vary from $75 per hour for accounting degreed staff, to $150 per hour for Tom Umstattd, CPA.

Other accounting firms may receive commissions for financial products that they suggest to their clients, but we feel this practice would compromise our mission, which is endeavoring conscientiously toward superior service.

Our firm’s discipline to refuse commissions helps to ensure the integrity of our unbiased professional advice and opinions when advising for or against a particular financial strategy.



We will not give estimates over the phone for new clients. Instead, we provide a free, no obligation, one-half hour initial interview. During the interview, the tax preparer will review with the prospective client the financial data they brought in (as listed in the Income Tax Organizer Questionnaire) for their tax preparation. After the initial interview, we can give an estimate of our bill, if requested, and then both parties will decide whether further professional services will continue. If we agree to proceed, then one-half of the estimated bill is paid at that time and the remainder is paid when the work is completed.