August 1st, 2018 Newsletter

10 Money-Smart Reasons to Amend Your Tax Return
If you discovered that you missed taking valuable deductions or tax credits in the past, you have up to three years after the tax-filing deadline to file an amended return. Now’s the time to look back over your returns from 2015, 2016 …
Using Lapsing Life Insurance as a Tax Advantage
A lot of people have aging life insurance policies of various kinds that are no longer needed and/or about to lapse. The normal course is …

Tips To Repay Your Student Loans Faster
According to Student Loan Hero, Americans owe a whooping $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, spread among 44 million borrowers. The average student …

Homeownership Keeps Climbing
The U.S. homeownership rate continues to climb, with more Americans benefiting from the sharp rise in home values in recent years. The downside …
The Wall Street Journal

Are you ready for the next recession? How to prepare now 
The idea of preparing for a recession probably sounds unpleasant at best and impossible at worst. After all, it’s hard to know when or why the …
USA Today

Lend to Friends and Family — But Only if You Follow These 3 Tips
There’s a maxim associated with risky investments (think penny stocks) that goes like this: Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. The same …
Fox Business

20 Great Places to Retire in Tax-Friendly States
Not to be too grim, but as you’re approaching retirement, you need to think seriously about the only two certainties in this world: death and taxes …

Enjoy Life Now and Still Save For Later
There used to be a television commercial in the U.S. for Michelob Light beer. It had a little jingle that started with, “Who says you can’t have …

Owning a home in retirement might be a mistake
Homeownership in retirement certainly has its benefits. It’s the unknown costs that come along with it that can throw your finances out of whack …
USA Today

What Venezuelan savers can teach everyone else
ASK the chief investment officer of a fund-management firm how to spread your investments and you will be told to put so much in stocks, so much in …
The Economist

Restrictions You Need To Know About Seller Financing
Many times a buyer doesn’t have the necessary capital, credit, or financing options to purchase a home. Seller or Owner Financing provides a …

“On my 65th birthday, I’m going to lie down in a crop circle and wait for aliens to abduct me. That’s my retirement plan.”
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A Walk Through the First 60 Days of Retirement
By Andrew Rosen via You are a late 50 to mid-60 year old. You feel comfortable in your retirement position, having just left your financial …
Fox Business
What Year Was It?

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas

Amusement park lovers “head for the thrills” as Six Flags Over Texas, the first park in the Six Flags chain, opens. Located on 212 acres in Arlington, Texas, the park was the first to feature log flume and mine train rides and 360-degree looping roller coaster.
The day was Aug 1. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“While no amount of financial wealth can guarantee an experience of prosperity, it is possible to experience prosperity at almost any level of income, except when we are unable to meet our basic physical needs.”
Shakti Gawain
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