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Medical Expenses of CCRC Residents

Jun 19, 1998 GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW: MEDICAL EXPENSES AND BELOW-MARKET-RATE LOANS IN CONTINUING CARE RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES By Robert Atkins Walker, Ph.D., CPA and Chad E. Turner, CPA Published in 18 Virginia Tax Review 1 (Summer 1998: The University of Virginia School of Law) under the title …

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Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification

Apr 3, 1995 SO YOUR EMPLOYER MADE YOU AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AND DIDN’T PAY ANY FICA TAX: HOW TO HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO by Robert Atkins Walker and Clifton L. Kling I. Introduction A. Purpose Continuing controversy surrounds the employee versus independent contractor classification issue.1 To date, …

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