December 20th, 2017 Newsletter

Dec 20, 2017
3 Tax-Planning Mistakes Retirees Too Often Make 


Tax planning for retirees may sound simple on the surface. Since they typically have lower incomes and fewer deductions compared with many taxpayers, they don’t face such a comprehensive range of tax issues, right …

The 5 Signs of an IRS Phone Scam
Tax filing season is fast approaching and with that will come another barrage of attempts at tax return fraud. The attacks on your …

Why do so many people claim Social Security at 62?
The most popular age in America to claim Social Security benefits is age 62, according to the Center for Retirement Research. In fact …
USA Today

The Best Way To Avoid Getting Buried By Debt
Getting into debt is like overeating. It’s really easy to do. Whether you’re spending money on holiday gifts or just trying to manage …

One Thing You Must To Do Guard Against Cyber Theft
Entrepreneurs are usually great when it comes to taking care of their business. No doubt with the rise of cyber attacks at companies …

Stores may be in trouble, but people are spending like mad
Stores are closing at an unprecedented pace. Retailers are going bankrupt. Malls are slowly being abandoned. But don’t misunderstand …

Naughty or Nice: A Guide for Giving to Charity
It is easy to slip into the holiday spirit when the beautiful sounds and sights of the season are upon us. Many people decide to …

A decade after it hit, what was learnt from the Great Recession?
TEN years ago this month, America entered the “Great Recession”. A decade on, the recession occupies a strange space in public memory …

The key to a secure retirement? Working longer
The key to a secure retirement isn’t saving more. It’s working longer. Or at least so says research recently published by the Center …
USA Today

What’s the difference between bills, notes and bonds?
Treasury bills (T-Bills), notes and bonds are marketable securities that the U.S. government sells in order to pay off maturing …

Rock Your 2018 Revenue: Six Strategies For A More Profitable Year
The year 2018 will soon be upon us. Do you know where your revenue will come from? Are you thinking more of the same, plus a motivational …

“You told me to look for sound invesments, so I bought and expensive stereo.”
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What was the largest denomination of banknote ever issued in the USA?
See the answer below.
Nearly 5 Million Americans in Default on Student Loans
The number of Americans severely behind on payments on federal student loans reached roughly 4.6 million in the third quarter, a doubling …
The Wall Street Journal
What Year Was It?

Elvis Presley is Drafted

Elvis Presley is Drafted

While spending the Christmas holidays at Graceland, rock-and-roll star Elvis Presley receives his draft notice for the United States Army.
The day was Dec 20. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more.”
Jack Benny
Trivia Answer
What was the largest denomination of banknote ever issued in the USA?
Answer: $100,000. It was issued only to Federal Reserve Banks.
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