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6 Strategies to Protect Income From Taxes
Earned income gets taxed in many ways: at the federal and state levels, and by Social Security and Medicare, to name a few. Taxes are difficult to avoid, but there are many strategies around to help ward them off …

Is your bag of donated clothing worth that? How to satisfy the IRS
Many taxpayers will drop off clothing and other household items at charities such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army before the year …
USA Today

Break free of your parents’ money patterns
You can likely thank (or blame) your parents for some aspects of how you turned out. Maybe you have your mother’s eyes or your dad’s …
ABC News

2 Secrets To Playing Commercial Real Estate And Postponing Taxes
Ever wonder why real estate investors are so rich? Because they know two secrets: First, don’t pay for a property; exchange it with …

Why Child Care Is So Ridiculously Expensive
One side effect of “the end of babies”—or, less dramatically, the steady decline in fertility rates around the world—is that today’s …
The Atlantic

Students can look up their potential salary after graduation
It’s good to graduate from the University of Michigan’s dental school with a master’s degree. In your first year, you’ll …
USA Today

6 Unconventional Ways To Achieve Financial Freedom
Money saved is money earned. Finding coupons and deals on every purchase of products or services, especially big ones, can save …
Finance Monthly

Business Startup Costs: It’s in the Details
There’s more to a business than furnishings and office space. Especially in the early stages, startup costs require careful planning …

Making the Most of Charitable Giving Before and After Retirement
Charitable giving provides families with an opportunity to build a legacy and meaningfully impact the causes most important to them …

Here’s why your Christmas tree will cost more this year
Turkeys are at their lowest prices in a decade, but the star of the next holiday won’t offer the same break for your wallets. Christmas …
USA Today

Staying Safe While Shopping Online This Holiday Season
Before the turkey even settles in your stomach on Thanksgiving, Black Friday will be set to begin. Doors at stores are opening earlier …

“If my mutual funds grow an average of 7% per year, then that would be 49% in dog years, right?”
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When was Abraham Lincoln’s face engraved on the penny?
See the answer below.
B2B Payments Challenges You Didn’t Know Exist
More and more people are utilizing the services, like PayPal and Venmo to buy online things and send money …
Finance Monthly
What Year Was It?

A Streetcar Named Desire Opens

What Year

Marlon Brando’s famous cry of “STELLA!” first booms across a Broadway stage, electrifying the audience at the Ethel Barrymore Theater during the first performance of A Streetcar Named Desire.
The day was Dec 3. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more.”
Jack Benny
Trivia Answer
When was Abraham Lincoln’s face engraved on the penny?
Answer: 1909
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