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3 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make This Tax Season
Last week was the beginning of every American’s favorite time of the year … to hate: tax season. Starting last Monday, January 28th, the IRS started accepting tax returns for the 2018 tax year. Here are three of the most common …

These red flags on your 2018 tax return could spark interest from the IRS
Even though the IRS may be just getting back on its feet after the partial government shutdown — with another one potentially in …

What you’re getting when you buy pet insurance
While it’s smart for pet owners to have pet insurance, not all companies and policies are the same, said veterinarian Jennifer Quammen …
USA Today

How Much Rent Do You Need to Charge to Make a “Good” Investment?
Rental real estate can be one of the most rewarding and potentially lucrative income sources out there. But how much rent do you need to …
Investor Junkie

Worried about a recession? Consider a move to these 7 slump-proof US cities
Worried that the relatively rosy economic times may soon be over? You’re not alone. A recent survey from Duke University found that half …

How To Lower Your Taxes And Spark Joy By Tidying Up With Marie Kondo
Kondo-mania has swept the nation. It seems viewers can’t get enough of the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and watching …

Take These Simple Steps to Open an IRA
If you’re putting off doing your taxes because you’re afraid you might be getting back less than you expect or, worse yet, owe more than …

It’s not too late to set money resolutions for 2019
New Year’s Day has come and gone and perhaps your resolve to stick to your resolutions has disappeared by now as well. If so, don’t despair …
ABC News

Emergency Funds Can Reduce Stress
According to a 2018 report from the Federal Reserve, 40% of adults in the U.S. would not be able to cover an unexpected expense of $400 …

Taxpayers could be shocked by refund size this year: Report
Taxpayers are accustomed to receiving big refunds after filing, but experts warn that with new laws more people could end up owing the …
USA Today

Here’s what many Americans are doing to get out from under debt
It’s a Catch-22: You want to make progress on paying off your debt but, in order to do so, you take out yet another loan. A new study …

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What is the average life span of an American $1 bill?
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6 Expert-Approved Ways to Travel on a Budget
Planning a vacation is much easier than it used to be, thanks in large part to the internet. After all, finding a hotel, flight or dinner …
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What is the average life span of an American $1 bill?
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