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5 Tax Tips for 2018 — and Beyond
The year 2018 brought a host of changes to the tax code, leaving countless filers just as confused as they were under the old version. Here are a few tips that will help you lower your IRS bill and avoid tax-related hassles down the …

Is Paying off Your House the Right Move in Light of New Tax Law?
Despite what you may be hearing and reading, paying off your home may not be the right decision for you. Homeowners need to look beyond …

Identity theft: here’s how to protect your money
This year marks a decade since the financial crisis. The biggest financial institutions still dominate the landscape, but banking has changed …
USA Today

The virtues of a summer job
The share of teenagers working summer jobs had dwindled for years, but the numbers have come back a bit in the past couple of years. It is a change …

How to fight about money and stay madly in love
The way couples talk about money — and fight about it, inevitably — doesn’t depend on whether they’re married or not. There are good and bad ways to discuss …
ABC News

Prices are rising faster than they have in six years
If you feel like stuff has been getting more expensive lately, you’re right. The Consumer Price Index, which tracks most items on the average …
CNN Money

Vision Care Insurance: Will You See a Benefit?
We all know health insurance is something you shouldn’t live without, but what about vision care insurance? Your ability to see is surely almost …

From Seafood to Mattresses: How the Latest Tariffs Would Affect U.S. Businesses
The White House on Tuesday said it was weighing imposing tariffs on a further $200 billion in Chinese products, a move that could expose $250 …
The Wall Street Journal

How You Can Save Money By Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment
Millions of homeowners have no idea they can actually lower their property taxes. They casually glance — or grimace — at their mortgage …

What to Do When Your Loan Application Is Denied
You were all set to buy that new car or house. You may have even picked out the cherry-red convertible or the Cape Cod with the spacious yard …
Fox Business

12 Reasons You’ll Never Be a Millionaire
Wealthy people usually aren’t born that way. Most spend their lives amassing their fortunes by working hard, spending little, saving a lot and …

“Our terms are net 30 days. If you don’t pay after 30 days, we come after you with a net!”
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What are the only states that accept the penny in toll booths?
See the answer below.
Is it the IRS, or a scam? Government issues fraud warnings
The summer is high season for thieves claiming to be from the IRS and hoping to scam people out of their money. That warning comes from the IRS …
ABC News
What Year Was It?

FDR Nominated for Unprecedented Third Term

FDR Nominated for Unprecedented Third Term

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is nominated for an unprecedented third term. Roosevelt would eventually be elected to a record four terms in office, the only U.S. president to serve more than two terms.
The day was Jul 18. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Derivatives in and of themselves are not evil. There’s nothing evil about how they’re traded, how they’re accounted for, and how they’re financed, like any other financial instrument, if done properly.”
James Chanos
Trivia Answer
What are the only states that accept the penny in toll booths?
Answer: Illinois and New Jersey
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