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Minimum Age for Tax-Free IRA Gifts to Charity
I’m 69 years old, and I’m trying to determine if I can transfer money from my IRA to charity now without having it taxed as income. Or do I have to wait until age 70½? A. You can only transfer money tax-free from your IRA to …

What Kids And Their Parents Should Know About Summer Jobs And Taxes
Now that the fireworks are over and summer is officially in full swing, many high school and college students are thinking about getting a seasonal …

Borrow like the big investors (with a lot less)
During the bull market run of the the past nine years, the number of big-time investors borrowing against their portfolios has risen steadily …
CNN Money

Unpaid Internships Are Going Out of Style
A tight U.S. labor market is squeezing out the unpaid internship. With unemployment near historic lows, more companies are paying for workers …
The Wall Street Journal

Everything You Need To Know About Loan Stacking
As the saying goes, with risk comes reward. Starting and running a small business is definitely not without risks—but that’s part of what …

What does a drug cost? It depends on where you live
What you pay at the pharmacy for generic drugs can vary widely based on where you live, according to a new analysis by consumer website GoodRx …

Medicare benefits: 7 frequently asked questions
Medicare covers, or will eventually cover, virtually all American workers, but this massive health care program isn’t well understood by millions …
USA Today

4 Common Money Mistakes to Avoid
When we talk about personal finance it’s usually more about what you should be doing now, but too often the mistake has already been made. Many …

Skip the Sales Tax
Save money back-to-school shopping in 17 states with sales tax holidays this summer. Summertime brings sales galore, and if you time your …

Are There Errors on Your Credit Report?
Your credit report Opens a New Window. is one of the single most important financial documents in your life. Whenever you apply for any …
Fox Business

The wage gap starts earlier than you might think
You’re probably familiar with the wage gap. The average woman earns 80 cents for every dollar a man makes, with women of color making even …
CNN Money

“If an invoice is due in 30 days, we pay it in 60 days. If it’s due in 60 days, we pay it in 90 days. If it’s due in 90 days, then they probably don’t need the money anyway.”
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What are the two colors or pigments of ink that are used to print on the 2001 one dollar bill?
See the answer below.
One Big Retirement Lie… And What You Need To Know About It
Over the last few decades, retirement planning, and even the very essence of what it means to be “retired,” has dramatically changed. And while …
What Year Was It?

Burr Slays Hamilton in Duel

Burr Slays Hamilton in Duel

In a duel held in Weehawken, New Jersey, Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shoots his long-time political antagonist Alexander Hamilton.
The day was Jul 11. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Being an entrepreneur means the ability to think out of the box by putting away our fear of any risk, including financial.”
Trivia Answer
What are the two colors or pigments of ink that are used to print on the 2001 one dollar bill?
Answer: Black and green
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