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Things You Should Know Now to Save on Taxes Later
With 2018 taxes hopefully behind you, probably the last thing you want to think about is what taxes may look like in 2019 and beyond. I get that. But you should be thinking about it. Right now, and every time you ponder making …

2019 Tax Savings Strategies For Retirement
For people nearing retirement or in retirement, every dollar counts and planning ahead is paramount. That’s especially true for taxes …

43% say they could come up with $2,000 for an emergency
Despite headlines of record low unemployment and a booming economy, just 43% of Americans are certain they could come up with $2,000 …

Study: Retirees lose by taking Social Security at wrong time
It’s tough to decide when to start taking Social Security benefits and it appears many people are shorting themselves with their choice …
ABC News

4 Financial Management Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid
If you want to enjoy a healthy annual profit margin and long-term success in your industry, you must take control of your cashflow …
Finance Monthly

A Comprehensive Guide to Cashback Credit Cards & Strategies
Credit cards that earn travel rewards sound exciting, but you can’t pay your bills with frequent flyer miles. And besides, airline …
Investor Junkie

Don’t Make These 7 Retirement Savings Mistakes
We all know it’s important to save for retirement. Even if you’re saving for retirement, some common mistakes might cause you to run …

What a typical home costs in your state. Can you guess which is the most expensive?
The subprime mortgage crisis that began in 2006 ushered in the Great Recession and the global financial crisis. It also taught an important …
USA Today

Tax Tips for the Individual Investor
Although a lot depends on your personal situation, there are a few simple principles – tax tips, in effect – that apply to most investors …

Focus on Protecting Your Nest Egg Once You’re Retired
If you’re like most investors, you’ve focused on making money for most of your financial life. But once you’re retired or close …

Want A Discount On Your Retirement Healthcare? Use An HSA
A health savings account (HSA) is not usually considered a retirement account. The popular choices for retirement savings are 401(k)s …

“Stocks plummeted today on forecasts that the sun will rise again and tomorrow will be another day.”
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What are the two colors or pigments of ink that are used to print on the 2001 one dollar bill?
See the answer below.
4 Tips for Using Credit Cards Overseas
Tourism is expensive. Why else would cities and countries fight so hard to host events like the Super Bowl, the Final Four, the …
What Year Was It?

Battle of Gettysburg Ends

What Year

On the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s last attempt at breaking the Union line ends in disastrous failure, bringing the most decisive battle of the American Civil War to an end.
The day was Jul 3. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Being an entrepreneur means the ability to think out of the box by putting away our fear of any risk, including financial.”
Trivia Answer
What are the two colors or pigments of ink that are used to print on the 2001 one dollar bill?
Answer: Black and green
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