March 13th, 2019 Newsletter

Should You Itemize On Your Taxes?
When it comes to taxes, no one wants to pay more than necessary. That’s why it’s important to maximize your tax deductions. Deductions reduce your taxable income — so if you made $50,000 and had a $1,000 deduction, your taxable income …
Fox Business
Taxes From A To Z 2019: A Is For Alimony
It’s my annual “Taxes from A to Z” series! This time, it’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) style. If you’re wondering whether you can …

The lending gap for women business owners is still 31% less than for men
Women-owned businesses continue to be a growth engine for the U.S. economy, and recent data shows their access to capital is an indicator …

5 tips for regaining order in your financial life
Spring is a good time to organize your finances, as you probably have just accessed some records to file your tax return. Try to cut …
USA Today

How to Decipher a Financial Aid Letter
Figuring out how much college will cost can be complicated. College websites and promotional materials publish sticker prices, which can …

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund
When the tedium of filing your tax return is finally over, usually you receive a refund with all the excess money the government collected …
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Time Value Of Money: Determining Your Future Worth
If you were offered $100 today or $100 a year from now, which would you choose? Would you rather have $100,000 today or $1,000 a month …

This Is What Americans Consider a Life-Changing Amount of Money
Many people dream of winning the lottery and taking home millions. But in reality, it takes a lot less money than that to change the typical …
Fox Business

Why Do We Spring Forward? Daylight Saving Time Is All About Money
Before I went to bed last night, I double-checked my alarm and then set another one. My son was at a sleepover and had a soccer game an …

Using a 529 Plan for High School
Federal law now allows you to withdraw up to $10,000 tax-free from a 529 plan each year to pay tuition for kindergarten through 12th …

Raising a kid is expensive: Keep them from depleting your bank accounts
According to the most recent data from the Department of Agriculture, a middle-income married couple in 2015 would typically spend between …
USA Today

“It’s a steamy novel about an accountant – Fifty Shades of Red.”
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What is the average life span of the $50 and $100 bills?
See the answer below.
Missing Key Tax Documents? Here’s What to Do
With the April 15 tax filing deadline getting pretty close, now’s the time to buckle down and get your return completed. But what happens …
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What Year Was It?

U.S. Army Launches K-9 Corps

What Year

The Quarter­master Corps of the United States Army begins training dogs for the newly established War Dog Program, or “K-9 Corps.”
The day was Mar 13. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Trivia Answer
What is the average life span of the $50 and $100 bills?
Answer: 9 years
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