March 21st, 2018 Newsletter

Mar 21, 2018
State and local taxes: the highest and lowest overall rates


Taxpayers in states like California and Connecticut certainly have a lot to complain about when it comes to their tax bill, yet residents of Illinois are shouldering a bigger burden. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the GOP’s …
USA Today

How to Take Advantage of the New Tax Bracket Sweet Spots
While most everyone is getting a tax break starting in 2018, some taxpayers have bigger opportunities than others to make the most …

Want to start saving for a secure future? You need a plan
For the first time my husband and I will soon be in a financial position to begin putting away some money and still meet our monthly …
CNN Money

Rising Services Costs Help Drive U.S. Business Prices Higher
Excluding food, energy and trade services, prices rose a seasonally adjusted 2.7%—the largest annual gain in the category since August 2014. A gauge of U.S. business …
The Wall Street Journal

7 Straightforward Answers To Your Roth IRA Questions
The IRS spells out all the rules that govern Roth IRAs in excruciating detail. But sometimes the deep-dive, all-inclusive master course …

How Social Security works for the self-employed
When you work as an employee for someone else, that company or organization takes Social Security taxes out of your paycheck and sends …

I Went From Food Stamps to Running a Seven-Figure Business
What is your financial advice for a 25-year-old? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people …

Get Started: Can’t pay the IRS? You do have options
With a little more than five weeks until this year’s tax filing deadline of April 17, many small business owners are tussling with the …
ABC News

3 reasons to pay your mortgage off early
Most homeowners take out a mortgage to help them buy their homes, and for many, their mortgage loan is the largest debt they’ll …
USA Today

Here’s Why Couples Fight Over Money
Couples are not always honest with each other when it comes to money. In fact, when you look at the secrets people keep from their partners …
Fox Business

How much the average woman has saved for retirement
Even though women tend to save for retirement at higher rates than their male counterparts, they don’t necessarily land in the best shape …
CNN Money

“Your life insurance policy only pays if you’re completely dead. No partial benefits for zombies.”
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In a newly printed US $20 bill, to what side is which president offset?
See the answer below.
The Graying Of Wealth
According to the Federal Reserve’s latest Survey of Consumer Finances, wealth continues to shift to the nation’s seniors. Between 2013 …
What Year Was It?

Stanley Begins Search for Livingstone

Stanley Begins Search for Livingstone

Journalist Henry Morton Stanley begins his famous search through Africa for the missing British explorer Dr. David Livingstone.
The day was Mar 21. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Trivia Answer
In a newly printed US $20 bill, to what side is which president offset?
Answer: Jackson; left
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