Newsletter August 15th, 2018

Ways for Everyone to Save Under the New Tax Law
We’re living in a new tax world now, thanks to the overhaul passed by Congress last year. A number of breaks bit the dust, but some new ones were introduced as well. Your 2018 return will be the first to file under the new rules, but the time …

3 Reasons to Amend a Tax Return
Now that April is well behind us, most folks don’t tend to have taxes on the brain. But if it comes to your attention that you made a mistake on the …
Fox Business

Far too few Americans are ready for a financial emergency
The majority of Americans are not setting aside enough money in emergency savings to cover a significant unexpected expense, according to a new survey …
USA Today

How to Best Use an HSA to Your Benefit
By Brad Sherman via You’ve likely heard that having an HSA can help you to lower the cost of your medical care – but studies have shown …
Fox Business

Maximize Social Security Benefits for Surviving Spouses
Many retirees know that spouses can coordinate their claims to boost their total benefit payout from Social Security. But many may not realize …

5 Things To Do With Your Raise Or Bonus
With the economy growing at a rapid pace and unemployment dropping, wages are showing strong increases. According to the Department of Labor, unemployment …

Can You Use Your IRA to Buy a House?
An IRA is a tax-advantaged retirement savings account for individuals set up through a bank or other financial institution, life insurance company …

New ways to pay: Installment payments with a twist
New kinds of installment plans are offering options to shoppers who may remember layaway as something their parents or grandparents used. The payment …
ABC News

You don’t have to be a billionaire to invest in startups
Until recently, being an early-stage startup investor was a high-risk play available only to insiders who stood to win big when the Uber or Twitter …
CNN Money

Habits That Will Prevent You From Getting Rich
Many of us aspire to reach a point where we’re financially well off. For some, that means amassing $1 million. For others, it simply means having …
Fox Business

How many credit cards is too many? It depends on how you use them
The average American has 2.6 credit cards in their name, but individuals with the highest credit scores have seven credit cards on average, according …
USA Today

“If I count my blessings and some of them are heavily taxed, do they still count as blessings?”
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When was the first paper money issued in the colonies?
See the answer below.
Is Jeff Bezos Really the Richest of Them All?
With a fortune exceeding $150 billion, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was recently declared the richest person in modern history. But is he? The answer …
The Wall Street Journal
What Year Was It?

Woodstock Festival Opens

Woodstock Festival Opens

The Woodstock Music Festival opens on a patch of farmland in White Lake, a hamlet in the upstate New York town of Bethel.
The day was Aug 15. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“It’s almost sickening now that the regulators ‘on the beat’ while the biggest credit collapse in modern financial history unfolded are now patting themselves on the back for their ‘brave’ stance on short-selling!”
James Chanos
Trivia Answer
When was the first paper money issued in the colonies?
Answer: 1690
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