November 1st, 2017 Newsletter

Nov 1, 2017
The 4 Best Tax Breaks for Savers


If you regularly save money (whether for retirement or other purposes), you’ve made a smart financial choice. What’s more, the government wants to reward responsible people like you by offering these four great tax breaks just …
Fox Business

One Thing You Definitely Need to Know About the Gift Tax
One of the reasons to have an estate plan is to ensure your heirs receive the assets that you wish for them to receive when …

Want to Help Puerto Rico? The IRS Gives Incentives for Good Deeds
Employers who lend a hand to hurricane-ravaged areas are eligible for tax incentives. Puerto Rico is still reeling from the after effects …

When is the right time to see a financial adviser?
Not everyone needs a financial adviser. But if you do, the sooner you can talk to one, the better. “As soon as you say ‘Should I be …
CNN Money

13 ways to give to charity without breaking your budget
As the Red Cross seeks donations for relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey, critics are citing a 2016 report on the organization’s …
USA Today

Why Saving Money is Important
If you don’t earn much and you can barely pay your bills, the idea of saving money might seem laughable. When you only have $5 left …

Going Broke is Only 1 Way People Fail Retirement
Having a successful retirement takes more than just money. You have some tough questions to answer about how you want to spend your time …

Is $100,000 middle class in America?
There’s a prolonged pause when I ask Lyft driver Gaby Osegueda if her family is middle class. Her smile fades as she thinks about …
SF Gate

IRS Preps For 2018 Tax Filing Season, Announces PTIN Renewal Is Underway
The Internal Revenue Service has announced that the Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) for 2018 is underway. All current …

How to Figure Out How Much Income You’ll Have in Retirement
One of the biggest challenges in planning for retirement is knowing how much money you need to save up in order to have enough income …
Fox Business

Is Your Kid the Next Warren Buffett? Here’s How to Get Them Started With Investing
Here at Investor Junkie, we’re always reminding our readers that the sooner they start investing, the better. After all, the younger …
Investor Junkie

“If you feel bad about having a lifespan of only 13 years, imagine paying taxes for 80 years!”
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Who is the primary competitor for Spacely Sprockets?
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The 9 Highest-Paying Jobs for Millennials
To many people, money isn’t everything. But that’s not how millennials see it — at least when it comes to their career. According to …
What Year Was It?

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Opens to Public

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Opens to Public

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, one of Italian artist Michelangelo’s finest works, is exhibited to the public for the first time.
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Quote of the Week
“If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.”
Henry Ford
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Who is the primary competitor for Spacely Sprockets?
Answer: Cogswell Cogs
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