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10 IRS Audit Red Flags for Retirees
You may be wondering about your odds of an IRS audit. Most people can breathe easy. The vast majority of individual returns escape the IRS audit machine. In 2018, the Internal Revenue Service audited only 0.59% of all individual …

Tax Planning For The High Salary Pauper
One of the greatest confusions in discussions of inequality is that between income and wealth. This struck me recently when somebody …

For startups, cash is king (again)
Mark Frank, who runs a health technology startup called SonderMind, had planned to wait until the end of 2020 to raise more money for …

Wipe out credit card debt by setting SMART goals
Shatoria Smith was tired of the $5,000 in credit card debt she felt was blocking her from reaching her financial goals. She couldn’t …
ABC News

This year’s calendar shortchanges retailers this holiday shopping season
As customers gear up for the biggest shopping days of the year, retailers face a major headwind: fewer days to shop. Retailers …

6 things to know about Social Security benefits and working after full retirement age
Are you collecting Social Security later than what’s considered your full retirement age, and working for pay? If so, there are at least …
USA Today

Important differences between credit and debit cards
At a (literal) first glance, debit and credit cards can seem interchangeable. Both are small, thin, rectangular pieces of plastic that …

Average start for 529 college savings (age 7) is costly, study finds
Many families wait too long to open 529 college savings accounts, which means they miss out on the maximum benefits from the accounts …

Yes, You Can Buy a Home, Start a Family AND Pay Off Your Student Loans
About 10 years ago I met with a client — she was a teacher and a single mom hoping to put her kids through college. At 56, she was almost …

Common Questions about Retirement Plans
Understanding the contribution limits and tax issues that affect your retirement plans can help you not only avoid costly mistakes …

5 Reasons To Rollover Your 401(K) When Leaving Your Employer
Retirement advice tends to focus on families—how to balance the costs of raising kids and putting them through college, while still …

“Who would you rather have on your sales team, Average Joe or someone who can smell money from a mile away?”
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What was the largest denomination of banknote ever issued in the USA?
See the answer below.
5 Signs an Online Loan Is a Debt Trap
As you scan the crowded pages of Google search results for a low-cost loan, it can be difficult to decipher …
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What Year Was It?

FDR Establishes Modern Thanksgiving Holiday

What Year

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs a bill officially establishing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in the US.
The day was Nov 26. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”
Norman Vincent Peale
Trivia Answer
What was the largest denomination of banknote ever issued in the USA?
Answer: $100,000. It was issued only to Federal Reserve Banks.
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