November 29th, 2017 Newsletter

Nov 29, 2017
Newlyweds? Tips For Filing Your Tax Return


When you get married, you’re not only combining homes, but possibly tax returns, as well. Will marriage save you money on your taxes, or will you be penalized with a tax bill for your nuptials? Follow these steps for the lowest possible taxes as a wedded couple …

Tax planning: Do you qualify for an IRA deduction in 2018?
Republicans rammed a nearly $1.5 trillion package overhauling corporate and personal taxes through the House on Thursday, edging President …
USA Today

3 Tax-Planning Ideas to Help Take the Bite Out of RMDs
It is that time of year. RMD season is in full swing, with the Dec. 31 deadline fast approaching for those who are 70½ and have …

Retirement savings tips: 401(k) vs IRA
As the end of the year approaches and investors begin to take stock of their savings, one consideration they may want to take into …
Fox Business

Amazon sellers brood as states come calling for taxes
Amazon and the tax collector are at it again. For years, the company and state governments scuffled over Amazon’s resistance to charging …
San Francisco Gate

3 things you definitely shouldn’t finance
That may be the American way of life, but if this is how you make big-ticket purchases, your lifestyle is costing you a bundle in fees …

Buying local is more expensive than it looks
RANDY KULL, a businessman based in Illinois, sells traffic signs. His products have international appeal, with signs for anglophones …
The Economist

Financial Planning Tips for New Parents
Then comes baby in an $899 baby carriage. Yes, if you want to be strolling around town in the UPPAbaby Vista then that’s what it …

Borrowing Money Should be a Last Resort Not a First Response
Over the years I’ve met many business owners who are in some form of financial grief. They are totally convinced that all of their …

Your Money: Gear up for a big year of giving
If proposed tax overhaul changes are adopted, giving to charity for tax reasons will no longer be as valuable for most people …

How To Spot A Charitable Scam Before You Donate
The pretty postcard came in the mail with a photo of a child in need. The child’s plight pulled at the heartstrings of Jim Henningsen …

“If you have already sent us your payment, please accept our apology for the death threat and warm wishes for the holiday season.”
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In the US, Keogh Plans are full-fledged pension plans for small businesses and what other type of people?
See the answer below.
Cash is still king in the digital era
Digital payment systems have proliferated in recent years. But the amount of American currency in circulation around the world …
What Year Was It?

U.N. Votes for Partition of Palestine

U.N. Votes for Partition of Palestine

Despite strong Arab opposi­tion, the United Nations votes for the partition of Palestine and the creation of an independent Jewish state.
The day was Nov 29. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.”
Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University, 1929
Trivia Answer
In the US, Keogh Plans are full-fledged pension plans for small businesses and what other type of people?
Answer: Self-employed
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