October 31st, 2018


13 Important Things to Know About 2018 Taxes
Your 2018 return won’t look anything like what you’re used to. The tax form is new and changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will substantially change what you can and cannot write off. Here is a roundup of the 13 most important …

The Rules for Making a Tax-Free Donation from an IRA
Making tax-free gifts to charity from an IRA is gaining in popularity among older investors, thanks to changes under the new tax law. Here’s what …

Here’s why more than 50% of millennials risk never being able to retire
Your millennial friends might be spending all their savings on overpriced matcha lattes, but it turns out, there are a few money managing tricks we …
USA Today

Some 43% of College Grads Are Underemployed in First Job
Students weighing their college options are increasingly focused on the return from that hefty investment, pursuing disciplines they think could …
The Wall Street Journal

Hidden Ways Your Credit Score Can Impact Your Daily Life
Common financial advice warns you to keep a close eye on your credit score, keeping it as high as possible to avoid the repercussions of a …

2 Ways Social Security’s COLA Is Failing Seniors
This has been a pivotal month for the more than 62 million people receiving a Social Security benefit check. Less than two weeks ago, the …
Fox Business

Americans who don’t have a bank account at lowest level ever
The percentage of Americans who do not have a bank account fell to a record low last year, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Tuesday, a …
ABC News

Two winners nab $687.8 million Powerball jackpot. Here’s the tax bill
The $687.8 million that two Powerball players won in Saturday night’s drawing marks the third-largest prize in the game’s history. The federal …

Student Loan Creditors Can Garnish Your Money
Lenders can garnish your bank account to recover student loan debt and they can do it in different ways depending on whether your student loans …

7 IRA Strategies For The End Of 2018
It’s time for IRA owners to be proactive by planning and implementing their strategies for the rest of the year. Consider these steps now and take …

How to Live Frugally Without Skipping Starbucks
Everyone’s heard of how you can save a ton of money over time by cutting out splurges like fancy coffee drinks. But there’s a much more lucrative …

“Once I learned that vertical stripes make me look thinner, I started my own business so I can work at home in my pajamas.”
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How many years after the total assets of America’s mutual funds hit $1 billion did it take for them to reach $1 Trillion?
See the answer below.
Happy 100th birthday! Here’s why you could end up with surprise taxes
Uncle Sam has a birthday gift for certain people who make it to 100: A tax bill. This applies to those who purchased so-called permanent …
What Year Was It?

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Published

What Year

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle, is published. The book was the first collection of Holmes stories, which Conan Doyle had been publishing in magazines since 1887.
The day was Oct 31. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“Managing and navigating through a financial crisis is no fun at all.”
Howard Schultz
Trivia Answer
How many years after the total assets of America’s mutual funds hit $1 billion did it take for them to reach $1 Trillion?
Answer: 45 years
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