Season 3: Freelancer Tax Freedom

How to Save Money on Your Business Taxes

E1: How does being a freelancer change your taxes?

E2: How to Save Money on Your Taxes. Business Expenses

E3: Which expense only counts for half a deduction?

E4: Top 5 Tax Documents You Need to Save

E5: How To Do Your Own Bookkeeping

E6: What could be your biggest deduction? Magical Mileage

E7: Home Office

E8: Home Office Expenses

E9: How to Avoid IRS Penalties

E10: How to Fill out a W-9 & void Backup Withholding

E11: How to know if you are required to file 1099’s?

Advance E1: What is an LLC? Taxation

Advance E2: What kind of entity is better for you? Schedule C vs. S-Corp

Advance E3: Business or Hobby?