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7 Above-the-Line Tax Deductions
Tax filers might assume that tax deductions are reserved for those filers who itemize on their tax returns. But if you take the standard deduction, don’t feel left out. Taxpayers can take certain deductions, called above-the …
US News

Tax Strategies for Your Retirement Income
When you retire, your income usually flows from three possible sources: Social Security benefits, distributions from IRAs and retirement …

Do the goals you set for saving or reducing debt seem too high? Try this
Nobody likes a job that’s only halfway done, but partial progress often is better than none at all. When it comes to managing money …

Not getting paid? Tips to help businesses collect on bills
Customers who pay late or don’t ever pay are a problem for any company, but particularly for small business owners who lose time and …
ABC News

Before A Hurricane, Protect Your Tax, Insurance And Business Records
Late last night, Hurricane Dorian became a Category 4 hurricane with the maximum sustained winds of near 145 mph (225 km/h). Dorian …

Mobile payments have barely caught on in the US, despite the rise of smartphones
Despite growing smartphone dependence, most Americans still aren’t using the devices to pay for things. In other countries, it’s a …

Tips for Dealing with Debt in Retirement
Deborah Thorne knows a thing or two about debt’s dangers for older consumers. As an academic, she has studied the issue for decades …

Social Security Fraud: What Is It Costing Taxpayers?
Social Security fraud statistics are difficult to pin down. They are found inside a larger category called “improper payments,” which …

Debunking money myths: 8 things that won’t actually hurt your credit
Pay a credit card a month late, and you can count on it hurting your credit score. But there are some murkier areas you may wonder …
USA Today

How a credit card loan’s fast and easy cash can cost you
Credit card companies want to turn your unused credit line into cash that you can borrow for things like home improvements or unexpected …
ABC News

The Gift-Card Budget
Brenda Mayrack never intended to become an unclaimed-property czar. Even among legal specialties, the field is particularly …
The Atlantic

“It’s not impossible to set aside 6 month’s income for emergencies. There’s a guy in Ohio who did it and a woman from Vermont.”
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What do the letters represent in the over-the-counter stock market acronym NASDAQ?
See the answer below.
How to Help Grandchildren Pay for College
With the fall semester beginning for college students, many grandparents may want to help their grandkids pay for education …
What Year Was It?

Geronimo Surrenders

What Year

Apache chief Geronimo surrenders to U.S. government troops. For 30 years, the mighty Native American warrior had battled to protect his tribe’s homeland.
The day was Sep 4. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic.”
Stephen C. Hogan
Trivia Answer
What do the letters represent in the over-the-counter stock market acronym NASDAQ?
Answer: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
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