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Q1: Should I bring in all my Forms 1099, for interest and dividend income, or should I just write down each one on a piece of paper?

Answer: We request that you give us a copy of your official 1099s, please no hand-written copies. The IRS claims that they verify every 1099 on your return. We want to see every document reported to you which was also reported to the IRS, so we can report it on your return exactly as it is reported to the government. Only write the amounts down for which you do NOT have 1099s. You may, however, enter in TurboTax (see Q4 below) your tax data with your computer. However, if you have a business, sole proprietorship, rental properties, out of pocket business expenses as a partner paid on behalf of a partnership, then we would like you to submit an itemized list of expenses, by category and by business or property. Do not give us monthly totals. An annual profit and loss statement is what would we like, if available. back to the top

Q2: How do I get my information to you?

Answer: If you are a new client, we prefer that you make an initial interview or appointment at our office. It is important to sit down and chat with one of our accountants about your tax situation, how your returns will be processed, our fees and perhaps other subjects.

If you are a returning client, you may hand deliver, Intuit Link, U.S. mail, or fax your information. Email Karen@TaxManTom.com with your questions. Appointments are always welcome when the client feels that they are helpful. We have a night mail drop slot in the door if you come by after hours and want to leave your information. We will get it the first thing the next workday. back to the top

Q3: Do I really have to fill out that tax organizer questionnaire of yours?

Answer: If you are a new client, we highly recommend filling it out, and usually require it. You may print it out (on the home page) or receive one from our office, and fill it out by hand. If you are a new client, then please submit a copy of your last year’s tax return. back to the top

If you are a returning client, then it is helpful, but not necessary. We feel that we can provide a better service for less expense to our clients if the tax organizer questionnaire is filled out each year.


Q4: Can I prepare my Form 1040 on my own computer then have you take over where I leave off?

Answer: Yes, only if you use Turbo Tax or Intuit’s ProSeries.  We have had problems receiving Turbo Tax files by email, but can receive them on CDs, or flash drives. Make sure you do not give us a “read only” copy. Even if you only enter your W-2 information, 1099s, etc. and get stuck somewhere, we can efficiently pick up where you left off. Of course, you can bring your laptop to your appointment; we can make the needed adjustments on it as well.  back to the top

Q5: What can I do to make your fee as low as reasonably possible and utilize our time most effectively and efficiently?

Answer 1: Fill out the tax organizer questionnaire, and if you are a first time client, please provide us with your last year’s income tax return.

Answer 2: When we telephone you with questions, answer quickly, that day, if possible. Emailing Karen can prove to be quite efficient at times. Sometimes we may call you to find out if you will be available or not during a particular day to answer our questions. When we are in the middle of preparing a return, if we have to put it aside and come back to it days or weeks later, then the re-familiarizing time spent is redundant and must be billed to the client.

Answer 3: Do not give us duplicate information. If you have W-2s, 1099s, K-1s, or other documents that you are submitting to us, please do not duplicate the information by writing it down on a schedule or piece of paper. We would rather you not try to explain what you think about your information. If you are sure that we will not understand something, we recommend speaking to us directly by phone or by appointment about it. Remember, we have over 45 years of combined experience; we rarely see anything new. We charge by the hour. Giving us twice as much information can make for a bill that is: you got it, twice as much.

Answer 4: Send us PDFs of your documents instead of paper. We use a paperless preparation system. If you give us paper copies of your documents we will need to spend time scanning them before we can start preparing your return. You can save time and money by just skipping that step at the beginning. Ask Karen about connecting with Intuit Link, our secure way to send and receive documents digitally.

Answer 5: It is important to have a good relationship with your CPA, but let us keep on the subject. We enjoy a good time as much as the next person and believe that we are not like some accountants that may appear to have no life or personality. A certain amount of socializing is profitable in understanding and working well with each other. But, alas, the law of diminishing returns comes into play sooner when socializing with your accountant than with your, for example, hairstylist. We strive to be respectful of what subjects you may feel important to discuss and feel that it might be against “Southern etiquette” to cut you off. A helpful hint: write down on paper a list of agenda items and questions which you feel are important to discuss, you may even want to budget 5 minutes to socialize! We also “do lunch.” back to the top

Q6: What good restaurants are nearby?

Answer: Within a very short walk, in the shopping center at Anderson Mill & 183, there are a few good restaurants.  Right next to our office (on the other side of the gas station) is a Taco Cabana and A + A Sichuan (Chinese). There’s also Kohami Japanese, Subway, Nan King, La Tapatia, Reale’s Pizza and Cafe, Which Wich, Tino’s Greek Cafe, and Moonie’s Burger House. Farther up the south bound 183 at Spicewood Springs & 183 is Short Stop, Asia Cafe, Dynasty, Camino Real, Chisholm Trail BBQ, Chen’s Noodle, and Maharaja Indian Cafe. Turning around onto northbound 183 from there, across from our office, is Cheddar’s, Texas Roadhouse, Pei Wei, KFC, The Melting Pot, Kerbey Lane Cafe, and Midori Sushi. back to the top

Q7: What are some other good tax sites?

Answer: We have several links to other tax sites. To go to our helpful links page click here. back to the top

Q8: How do I get to your office?

Answer: See our directions page, map, pictures, and directions for both north and south bound travelers. To get directions click here. back to the top

Q9: How do I get a Request for Social Security Statement of Earnings and Benefits from the Social Security Administration?

To request one directly from the Social Security Administration, Click Here. back to the top

Q10: Can CPAs have fun too?

Answer: Yes, in fact, we have a jokes page, wherein you can see some accountant humor, and we have small employee gatherings to celebrate successful tax deadlines. back to the top